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Looking for a Company Car for yourself or a member of staff?
Let us do the work for you

Not enough time on your hands???

Our network of Brokers will search the Contract Hire Car market for you. Ensuring you save both time and money!

We will contact you and inform you of which broker will be providing your quotation and that you are happy to proceed.

This service is free and without obligation.

The comparison process...

1. Choose the car
2. Compare quotes
3. Save money
4. Lease your car

About us

We know what it’s like trying to get the best deal on your new contract hire car, not to mention how difficult acquiring quotes can be!

This is especially true if you are interested in more than one make or model of car.

We've created a quick and simple "quote process" which allows you to compare quotes delivered from different contract hire car companies. This will allow you to select the best deal for you....

What is Contract car Hire?

Contract hire is leasing a car for an agreed amount of time for a fixed monthly cost. For some individuals this is the most cost effective way to drive a new car instead of buying one.

How does this process work?

With contract hire comparison, you can select any make and model car and filter down the models to your desired preference. Then simply submit the form to us and we will find contract hire quotes that meet your needs. No fuss, no hassle no worry.

Who is contract hire right for?

If you're an individual with a fixed commute, you know your mileage and you love the idea of driving a new car every few years with no hassle. Then Contract Hire could work for you.

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